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Lord Fanch Presents:
Fri, December 27, 2013 - 7:00 pm
@ FUBAR - St. Louis, MO
The Boozehoundz
Liquor Lord
Thanatos Eternal
Scarred Atlas
TICKETS: $10.00
This event is all ages

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Coming soon, full length album: Soulkillermachine

We are very bloody busy with it so, bloody well be patient, you jackasses.

I never sleep, I am so tired.  When will it end?

Expect upcoming shows in works with Valence, Luftwaffe, Harkonin, Murder Happens, etc.

Manifesto/Statement of Purpose/Moment of Clarity

And seek grace amongst the carrion.

Mission Analysis:
"Thanatos" = Death, Destruction, Entropy, the Impetus in Human
psyche towards self-destruction.

"Eternal" = Without end, ageless, permanent.

Metaphorical analysis = The state of Human experience, cyclical
entropy, a continuous act of self-destruction

All acts of expression beyond the masturbatory communicate a concept, the coalescence of a Will. The highest concept is truth, therefore, the communication of truth is the highest endeavor of expression. In the effort to understand truth one must stare wide-eyed into the blinding light of objectivity and through it, gaze upon the shadow of the zeitgeist, once this is done, logic orders all things. By casting away the archetypes that are pressed upon oneself, one transcends the expectation and limitations of category. When the individual ceases to be a predication of a category and becomes an active Will, the individual ceases to be human in that the individual intellect can stare objectively at limited human cognition and error, and can understand the fault in the
collective subjective intellect, those who follow, those who accept.

To seek truth is the highest act of Will

One must Adapt
One must Evolve
One must Destroy
One must continually grasp beyond the finite

An inability to understand the flow of the world beyond the self is an all too human fault, it is human nature.

The true enemy, the source of strife, is human nature.

The human is an animal, its distinguishing feature is reason, reason
is a profound advantage, yet in no way, shape, nor form does it imply a superiority in the human animal. The human is arrogant and possesses a short lifespan. Like all animals, the human seeks to maximize it's existence, ironically, often at the expense of it's own species.

The true enemy is human nature.

The irony of self is that only through an act of individual Will can
one overcome the collectivist conditioning of human nature.
Only the highest act of individual consciousness shows one the futility of consciousness in a non-divine state.

Don't believe what they tell you:
All men are NOT created equal.
In fact, most are created stupid.
And they're allowed to vote.

Humans spend their lives in fear of death. Man creates innumerable
fictions to comfort himself against this fear. The fear is the fear of
truth. The truth that the act of living is the most selfish act
possible because death feeds the living, living must feed off the dead. To live is to be a parasite, to die is to feed the parasites. We are all locusts.

Life is strife and conflict. Humans, like all carbon-based life forms
on the earth, are born into a society of conflict. They devour all and all devours them. The Will that sees truth knows the futility inherent in the struggle.

The true enemy is human nature.

Politically, humanity has yet to evolve beyond tribal warfare, it has
grasped the image, yet fails to comprehend the Form.

I see a great feast
at which all men are seated
and upon all men are sated

Resist Souldeath


The Grey Man tells you not to dream

By act of Will we understand. By act of Will we transcend.